16 Ways to Lose Weight and Feel Great in 7 Days

16 Ways to Lose Weight and Feel Great in 7 Days

Fed up of dieting yo-yo and self-loathing? It’s time to change your thinking and achieve your weight loss goals with these tips from Angela Tufvesson.

2. Eat breakfast

Eat breakfast - 25 Diet Tips - Women's Health & Fitness

Your primary teachers are right – breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Even if it’s just a quick bite before you race out the door , or a bowl of cereal at your desk, kickstarting metabolism first thing in the morning is very important in the search for weight loss. If cereal and toast combine tradition does not take your fancy, try a fruit smoothie or sour dough topped with avocado and tomato. We love this recipe blueberry elements (photos)

3. Schedule a day of rest

Even the most specialized elite athletes take a break to allow your body and mind a chance to relax and rejuvenate. You are more likely to achieve long-term success if you pace yourself and work with a schedule balancing exercise. So, take a day off and read a book, the head of the movie or catch up with your girlfriend – and told them it was a planned part of your exercise!

4. Recruit a support crew

Get your mother, sister and girlfriend on the train itself. Once they understand what you are trying to achieve, they will be sure to cheer your successes and be there when you’re feeling sad. It is important to explain the specifics of your exercise and diet plan to assist the crew of you will know what to look out for and how to best take care of you

Lost 20kg in 10 weeks is simply not healthy or realistic, so ignore the claims of monumental weight loss centers and set yourself a reasonable, objective can be achieved. Consult with a nutritionist or PT, develop a weight loss plan in line with your body shape. Remember that what works for other women may not work for you, so listen to your body and exercise plan and eating fit your plans. We recommend the 12-week BodyBlitz Challenge (pictured).

Eating exa ctly the same food every day, no matter how healthy they are, is a recipe for one thing: boredom. The same applies to an exercise routine repetitive. And we all know that boredom can lead to loss of motivation, and old habits return. So a small injection into your day to maximize efficiency and keep your spirits high.

7. Buy a cookbook or magazine gourmet

Your new healthy eatin g plan will require you to reassess your diet, which might mean you need to change the way you cook. See this as an opportunity to expand your palette, and invest in a few new cookbooks to spark your interest. We love Nourish Magazine!

8. Know your fats

Most of us know trans fats are bad news. It hardens the arteries, increases bad cholesterol (LDL) and lowers good cholesterol (HDL). Saturated fat is not quite as bad, but it should be consumed in moderation. However, some fats are good for you and serve as a necessary part of a healthy eating plan to your new. Nuts, fish and olive oil is packed with good fats.

9. Shop smart, eat well

Keep you r pantry contains a lot of healthy snacks and meal components will prevent a last-minute dash to the supermarket which will surely end up in a sugar-fest. Planning for a weekly dinner and groceries only once a week.

10. Planning and organizing

Fitting exercise I Organised Plan and beige - 20 Diet Tips - Women's Health & FitnessNTO a tight schedule was certainly no easy task. But by maximizing your time, rather than overload your diary, it certainly can. Go to the gym right after work and avoid the traffic, choose a sport close to home to cut down driving time, or slip in a DVD workout when you would otherwise be veging out on couch long

11. Monitor portion size

Cook never ar ecipe for four people, just to polish it off with your significant other? Follow the serving size in your cookbook and you will be less likely to overeat. If the recipe serves four, shared meals accordingly and resist the temptation of seconds. Moreover, you will have leftovers for the next night and will not have to cook!

12. Change your eating habits

If you always eat tw o biscuits with your morning coffee, replace them with a handful of almonds or dried fruit. Eat fruit for dessert (sans cream) instead of sugary more options. A eating habits is not a bad habit of his own; rather, it is what you are eating is the problem. Replace the bad with the good and you will be on the road to healthy eating in no time!

13. Combine cardio and weight

For best resul ts, combining weight, including muscle building lean and boost your metabolism with cardio exercises, burn calories and improve cardiovascular and pulmonary health. The aim is to combine three sessions per week for an hour.

14. Explore new foods amenities

Next time he felt a little hidden down, do not have access to chocolate or rich, creamy pasta. Alternatives full of flavor, filling and nutritious easily available. Soups, stews and legumes rich foods are comforting and healthy.

15. T Treat yourself - 20 Diet Tips - Women's Health & Fitnessreat yourself

Once you have reached your target weight, enjoy the new body you’ve worked so hard for! Dig deep into your closet and sliding into that pair of jeans you used to match 10 years ago. Revel in the energy store to find your new package you
r weekend full of social commitment.

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